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Philipson, Nicholas John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Thomas Thirlwall - ONLINE

Collection: Yale University Library - General Collection Manuscript Miscellany
Letter ID: GROUP 1130 F-1
Date: 1820-02-25
Web Address:
Sender Address: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Sender: Philipson, Nicholas John

Sender Address: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Address Co-ordinates: 54.974,-1.6132
Country: United Kingdom
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From Wall, Thomas to Crossley-Holland, Kevin (1970-11-14) - ONLINE

Collection: University of Leeds Letters Database
Letter ID: DOCN_000026471
Date: 1970-11-14
Web Address:*ID=13&*DB=LETT&*DD=Document:%20717%3CBR%3E&*HI=Y&*UZ=@DOCN=000026471&*QH1=%7E%7E(((CROSSLEY%20ADJ1%20HOLLAND)%5BLOCN%5D))&*QC=1

Sender: Wall, Thomas

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