TLS Charlie 7 Apr 1959, NY, 1p., w/TLPhtcpy William Gibson 8 Jan 1958, NY, to Elizabeth Youngstrom, 1p.; TLPhtcpy Elizabeth Youngstrom 5 Feb 1959, to Gibson, 1p.; TLPhtcpy William Gibson 10 Feb 1959, NY, to Youngstrom, 1p.; TLSPhtcpy Bruce Brett 30 Mar 1959, NY, to Scribner, 2pp.; and TLPhtcpy Charles Scribner Jr. 7 Apr 1959, NY, to Brett, 1p. (Inc - ONLINE

Collection: Ernest Hemingway Correspondence 1942-1970
Letter ID: EHPP-IC38-007-001
Date: 1959-04-07
Web Address:
Sender Address: New York

Sender: Scribner, Charles, Sr

Sender Address: New York
Address Co-ordinates: 40.7127, -74.0059
Country: United States